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Parties Condemn Amfiali Murder

"The latest unacceptable incidents at Meligalas, yesterday's degradation of parliament, and the heinous murder in Keratsini by a perpetrator close to Golden dawn, according to his statements, show in the clearest way the intentions of the neo-nazi morph," Nikos Dendias stated characteristically.

SYRIZA president Alexis Tsipras, from the ADEDY rally in which he was participating spoke of a plan "to destabilize and disorient ," calling Golden Dawn a "neo-nazi gang." He also laid blame on the Prime Minister, accusing him of creating the theory of the "two extremes" and counseled "calm and democratic arousal."

In an announcement SYRIZA asked for the exemplary punishment of those guilty and the absolute condemnation of Golden Dawn, and called on the political world to answer the question "who is arming Golden Dawn's hand."

PASOK noted that"Golden Dawn should be dealt with for what it is, a criminal organization that threatens the lives of foreign and Greek citizens."

The president of DIMAR, Fotis Kouvelis called for all parties of the democratic spectrum to form a front against the murderous neo-nazis. In an announcement DIMAR noted that the incident at Amfiali reaffirms the need to institutionally asphyxiate Golden Dawn and to root out fascist para-state mechanisms

The KKE calls on the people and youth to decisively and massively condemn the murder of the 34 year old by Golden Dawn "fascists."
Responding through an announcement, Golden Dawn vehemently denied any link to the crime and spoke about despicable slanderers.