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Greek and foreign officers complete MPSOTC course

The Multinational Peace Support Operations Officers Basic Course finished, on Friday 21 March 2014. During the two week course, the students received theoretical training on basic maters concerning PSOs, and also they participated in the exercise "BLUE SHIELD 2014," where they carry out field exercises in Check Point operation, Urban Operations and Daytime Patrol. Moreover they trained in NATO Virtual Battle Space - VBS.

The course was attended by 32 students, military personnel and civilians, from Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, Turkey and Trinidad and Tobago.

The instructors, came from Greece, Romania, Poland and USA, while the practical training, was supported by Officers from MPSOTC and members of Hellenic Armed Forces Reserves Association.

The Multinational Peace Support Operations Training Center (MPSOTC) was founded in November 1998 after a directive of the Hellenic Ministry of Defense. It conducted the first two weeks trial Course on 23 of the same month with 25 participants from the Hellenic Unit for Peace-keeping Operations (of that time).

Since 19 May 2000 Greek Multinational Peace Support Operations Training Center, is officially recognized by NATO as a PfP Training Center, after a period of successful evaluation which lasted more than one year.

The establishment of this training facility by Greece derives on the one hand from the strong wish of our Country for a stable and peaceful global environment and on the  other hand it is the natural continuation of the long tradition that our country has participating in PSO’s since 1950.

The principal aim of the Greek PfP TC is to exploit the experience being gained from the long lasting participation of our troops in PSO’s, by providing high standards, realistic and updated training to multinational personnel and to national contingents, during their preparation for a mission deployment.

Participation in our Courses is open to all, NATO and PfP Countries. Furthermore, Mediterranean Dialogue, ICI and any other interested Country are invited to participate.