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Hellenic American University's Global Goals

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In an exclusive interview with New Greek TV, Hellenic American University Provost Triant Flouris gave us an inside look at the activities of the internationally recognized University and its global goals for the future.

The Hellenic American University gained its Charter in the United States; created and solidified academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate level; incorporated a top-tier faculty and posts global visiting scholars; garnered State approval for programs via the New Hampshire Postsecondary Education; achieved accreditation by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and has allocated degrees to several graduating classes. Hellenic American University is located at 22 Massalias Street in central Athens.

Before uniting with Hellenic American University, Dr. Flouris' career involved serving as a graduate program director, department chair, professor and dean at American and Canadian universities. His area of expertise is comprised of financial and strategic analysis, aviation project management, aviation insurance and risk management, strategic management, aviation business modeling and aviation policy.

Dr. Flouris serves on the editorial board of the International Journal of Resource Management, the Journal of Civil Aviation, the Journal of Air Transportation, the International Journal of Professional Aviation Training and Testing Research, and the Journal of Aviation Security Management. The scholar has written over 200 publications.

NGTV: How long have you been the provost of Hellenic American University?

Dr. Flouris: I have been serving as the provost for 4 years. Prior to this posting, I was working in America where I spent most of my career and received my higher education. This position gave me the opportunity to continue my career uninterrupted back in my homeland.

NGTV: Can you offer our audience a background on the University?

Dr. Flouris: We offer Associate, BA, MA and PhD programs and have an enrollment of approximately 350 students at this time. We are a world class institution that has a reputation for being strong in both nations for the quality of our academic programs, as well as the manner by which the University promotes Hellenic-American studies.

NGTV: What do you want Hellenic American University to achieve in the next 5 years?

Dr. Flouris: We want to achieve two things in the next two years. The first is to continue growing in terms of quality regarding academic programs, and expand in regards to reputation and recognition, due to our greatly deserving efforts. We are trying to solidify academic partnerships between American universities for the promotion of Greek-American enrollment.

NGTV: What are your primary active roles as provost?

Dr. Flouris: My main responsibilities concern the University's curriculum, faculty, academic programs and services.

NGTV: What trends are you experiencing, in terms of enrollment and tuition?

Dr. Flouris: Our enrollment is increasing and our tuition is affordable and much lower than average, compared to other U.S. institutions.