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Baltakos' deposition to prosecutor

Former government secretary general Takis Baltakos gave a deposition to prosecutor Kalliopi Dagianda to testify about the circumstances under which the video was shot and leaked.

Takis Baltakos testified for close to three hours. He explained the conversation in question occurred six months ago, said the taping happened without his knowledge. Mr Baltakos asked for the prosecution of Ilias Kasidiaris to be prosecuted for taping and leaking it and insisted that the content of the conversation was so that he would not alienate the 7% of the electorate who had voted for Golden Dawn in 2012.

“Samaras was dealing with Merkel, I wouldn't let him deal with Kasidiaris”, he told reporters after his deposition. He added that he wasn't close to Golden Dawn, because he was, is and always will be a fan of New Democracy. He also asked for the punishment of Kasidiaris for the video he said was illegally obtained.

Baltakos revealed that at the beginning of the judicial investigation into Golden Dawn he had expressed his disagreement, as he was also against the anti-racist bill, which was prepared in the final days of the three party coalition government in the summer of 2013, only to be unexpectedly withdrawn by the PM a few weeks later.

Asked whether he informed any government member about his conversations with Golden Dawn members, he said he informed no one, except on some occasions he deemed necessary. He added that he wasn't sharing any information with the Golden Dawn MPs, but he was mantioning known facts, or spreading disinformation.

He also said that a few days after the taped conversation, he told Kasidiaris that the Pavlos Fyssas murder, which started the investigation into Golden Dawn criminal activity was more than enough to destroy the neo-Nazi party. Finally, he said that he was always thinking his conversations with Golden Dawn MPs could be taped, which totally contradicts the improper words he uses on tape about the PM.