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SYRIZA Gains EU Candidacy Support in Brussels & Paris

Main opposition SYRIZA leader and candidate for the European Commission presidency Alexis Tsipras is in Brussels today and Paris on Friday and Saturday.

Mr Tsipras will address a conference organised by the Party of the European Left entitled: "Together we can put an end to debt and austerity problems in Europe," while in Paris he will speak at an event held by the Left Front initiating the campaign for the European parliament elections.

On Saturday, Mr Tsipras he will take part in a rally organized by hundreds of organizations, parties, blocs, local and social institutions against austerity policies.

Alexis Tsipras, on Monday, had slammed the coalition government and urged his audience to “send them a clear message” in the upcoming elections.

Mr. Tsipras dedicated a significant part of speech to the Baltakos scandal and was highly-critical of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, even dubbing the scandal as “Samarasgate”.

According to the opposition leader, the PM was fully aware and complicit in the scandal, while arguing that the current coalition government is “the most far-right government in decades”.

The opposition leader also commented on the upcoming visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Athens on Friday that “a vote for Samaras and Venizelos is a vote for Merkel and Goldman Sachs". Mr. Tsipras stressed the need for greater resolve in the Greek demands for German reparations and a revision of the bailout deals.