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Adventure in Greece to be filmed on Kos and Nisyros Islands

The two lovely Dodecanese islands, cosmopolitan and famous Kos and the less knownNisyros, a mystery-laden and particularly charming place on account of its volcano have been selected for the two-month shooting of the Greek-Finnish film Adventure in Greece. It is now in the pre-production stage and filming will begin in April and end in late May 2014.



Leading Finnish director Taavi Vartia signs the scenario and direction, and tells the story of 14-year-old Toni and his half-brothers, 12-year-old Aleksi and 10-year-old Veeti who visit Kos for their holidays. During their stay on the island, they get to meet 15-year-old Andriana, a beautiful Greek girl with whom Toni falls in love. He is completely unaware of the fact that a smugglers gang is in the process of looting lost treasures from a distant cave in a protected area and uses the girl in dangerous dives. The three brothers get together and successfully confront the smugglers, saving Andriana and go on to enjoy the remainder of their holidays on the island.

According to a recent press conference, the film will be shot entirely in Greece and will mostly involve Greek actors and technicians. Leading roles will be acted by Greek actors Orpheas Avgoustidis, Ioanna Triantafyllidou, Natalia Dragoumi and Giannis Zouganelis as well as by Finnish actors Laura Malmivaara and Ville Myllyrinne.

Adventure in Greece is co-produced by Greek and Finnish film production companies with the financial aid of the Greek Film Centre (E.K.K.) and the Finnish Film Foundation (F.F.F.), as well as the support of the Kos & Nisyros Single Tourism Authority. According to producers, this will be a “significant and high-budget co-production”. Nordisk Film Distribution and Channel 4 will be responsible for film distribution in Finland.

Greece has recently turned into a highly attractive destination for international film productions which take place either exclusively or partly on Greek territory, as is the case with this film.

Another example is the film Before Midnight by American director Richard Linklater, starring famous actors Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, which was released last summer; the lovely landscapes of Messinian Mani in the Peloponneseprovided the perfect setting for it. Last but not least comes the filming in part of chinese Beijing Love Story which took place on Santorini Island in late July 2012. It is about adapting the most successful television series in China for the cinema and the premiere is scheduled for next February.

It is worth noting that T. Vartia plans to shoot his next film also in Greece as well as a twelve episode tv series titled The Missing Route; the story will unfold in Kos Island and Lapland!