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Ancient coin toss

What would it be like if you could electronically toss an ancient Greek coin? To almost touch it, and look upon it in detail and magnification on both sides? To learn real time information on its origin, date, and what is depicted, and, yes, even listen to the sound it makes as twenty coins while stacked?

This is exactly what visitors will get to feel at the exhibition “Greece's Europe. Colonies and coins from the Alpha Bank collection,” that is hosted at the Thessaloniki Archeological Museum, all because of an internationally novel application for which interest from abroad has already been expressed.

The application called “Stater 3602,” is an internationally novel interactive system developed within the framework of Ambient Intelligence of the IT Institute of the Technology and Research Foundation. The application is available to visitors at the end of their tour, offering them the chance to see selected coins from the exhibition in high definition magnification on a circular metal touch plate that can be rotated along two dimensions (up-down, left-right). The system also reproduces the relevant sound. Touching any of the coins the system projects relevant to the coin information.

The main researcher of the Ambient Intelligence project, Dimitris Grammenos noted that the idea that begun three years ago is unique, and explained that the disk and the screen incorporate no electronic features and that all the work is done by a motion sensor hidden in the ceiling.