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Kasidiaris mocks Greek Justice

Golden Dawn deputy Ilias Kasidiaris has chosen once again to play provocateur, this time through a poster for his campaign for Athens mayor, showing him handcuffed being led to justice.

Kasidiaris is poking a finger at the judicial system, which released him pending trial for participation in a criminal organization. The poster also carries the message “after night's deepest darkness, always a golden dawn rises.” Mr Kasidiaris has claimed that his ticket for municipal elections is full of fresh and talented young faces, when in reality it is replete with hard core Golden Dawn cadres many of which also ran on the parliamentary ticket in 2012.

Meanwhile, the case for lifting parliamentary immunity for Ilias Kasidiaris has been tendered to parliament from the justice ministry, which had received it from the supreme court.

The new request was compiled after Kasidiaris' made public a taped discussion with former cabinet secretary Takis Baltakos, an action deemed illegal by the court. The prosecutor has asked that he be charged with violating personal data laws.

So far in the seven months that the prosecution has been compiling the case against Golden Dawn, over sixty persons have been charged, while the second round of depositions is expected to begin in the next few days.