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1.8 million Greeks are "guests"

At least one in three taxpayers that submitted their returns, have declared that they are eligible for receiving the social dividend that the government plans to distribute.

During the process conducted by officials of the Finance Ministry, it was revealed that 1.85 million Greek taxpayers have declared that they live as guests of their parents, other relatives or friends' houses.

The financial crisis has hit many households. Many-especially not married young people that lived on their own- have chosen to return to their parents' home and live with them, in order to reduce part of their personal expenses.

According to data received by the Ministry of Finance, out of the 5.5 million tax declarations that filed last year (2013), 1.85 million persons submitted their returns filling out the “guest code”, while also including the tax identification number of the person who was providing them with shelter.

However, the Finance Ministry will investigate each case separately, since it fears that many of these cases are another form of tax evasion.