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Baltakos Alludes to New Political Party

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Ousted General Secretary Panagiotis Baltakos spoke on Parapolitika FM radio station, regarding a possible party formation.

The former governmental official alluded to the establishment of a new political party, to intrigue Golden Dawn voters. Baltakos claimed on the radio that, "...it is not a shame to say we are right wing. There are people and voters of the right of New Demcoracy. They are in Golden Dawn and we must extract them".

Baltakos shot down claims that he is planning his own political group, but didn't deny a new party in the works. He commented that various New Democracy members agree that a new political body would be beneficial. Panagiotis Baltakos refused to comment when asked about former PM Kostas Karamanlis' feasible running for President of New Democracy and its reputed name change.