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American tourist injured on Santorini goes home

After almost to weeks in hospital US tourist that was seriously hurt in a makeshift firecracker accident on Santorini has been released and allowed to return home.

The 51 year old woman that was hospitalized at the Venizeleio hospital on Crete will resume her therapy in the USA.

“My experience of the accident was the worst and the best of my life. It was something I will never forget,” said Sarah Craven to local medium cretapost.gr, adding “I could not in my dreams believe the kindness I found during my hospitalization on Crete. The medical personnel were incredibly competent and also good scientists, and good and kind people. I had their support from the very first day, until now. The same for the people of Crete that met me in hallways, or came to my room and brought me flowers, gifts, and offered hospitality. I will never forget this in my life.”

The American tourists underwent abdominal surgery and was for a few days hospitalized in the ICU, after injuries sustained during Easter Resurrection services.