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24 Additional Migrants Rescued Off Samos

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Today, the Greek Coast Guard rescued twenty-four illegal migrants in the Turkish waterways of the Samos Strait.  

This marks the second incident of this kind in the Samos seas, since yeterday.  The twenty-two males and two females, are thought to have been on a small dinghy which sank. A Turkish ship is planned to collect the immigrants, who were trying to enter Europe via Greece.

The search continues off the northern Samos coastline, regarding missing migrants who were aboard a sunken ship yesterday. Currently, twenty-two bodies have been located, including six men, twelve women and four children. Eighteen of them were found inside the vessel.

The sixty-five undocumented travelers originated from Eritrea and Somalia, as confirmed by the thirty-nine survivors aboard the cramped ship, trying to enter Europe.

The Greek search-and-rescue team included one Coast Guard ship, one EU Frontex vessel and a sailing ship. The sunken boat was brought to Samos' Malagari port, just after 1:00 p.m., and placed on dry land.