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TOR M1 kickback case began in Athens

The trial begins with the testimony and examination of former Cyprus interior minister Dinos Michailidis, his son Michalis Michailidis, the former Cyprus state legal counselor Anastasios Sofos, and his wife, who is shown as a co-beneficiary to a bank account. Arms dealer Fuad al Zayad is also accused in the case.

The trial was initiated on 2 May, but was adjourned for today, after the court overturned defendants' demands for a postponement.

Themis Sofos appeared in court representing Fuad al Zayad, maintaining that his client is wrongly accused and has not been subpoenaed for any of the judicial procedures. Mr Sofos maintained that his client was in Damascus Syria and has not been given a chance to air his views. Mr Zayad was the representative that undertook the offset agreement for the TOR M1 systems.

The accused are facing charges of legalizing gains from illicit activities, to the tune of at least 10 million euros, which had as a final recipient jailed former defense minister Akis Tsohatzopoulos. Dinos Michailidis has been extradited to Greece after prosecutors demanded his extradition to Greece to face trial.

The trial was instigated after damning testimony by Nikos Zigras, cousin of Akis Tsohatzopoulos and his right hand man, who decided to “spill the beans” in exchange for leniency.