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Venizelos spells out when and if he will leave the government

In a television interview, PASOK president Evangelos Venizelos revealed his plans if his party's electoral coalition “Elia” fares poorly in the upcoming elections.

Speaking to journalist Sophia Papaioannou on Alpha TV, Mr Venizelos noted that if something of the sort happens, he will not discuss it with his partner in government New Democracy leader and PM, Antonis Samaras , but will head straight for president of the republic Carolos Papoulias.

As he said he will do so because “the the nation must reunite and all must be brought to account. The nation is divided along a manufactured, outdated, and dangerous divide.” Mr Venizelos noted that political forces that apply the memorandums are easily victimized because harsh policies bear political cost, while their critics remain relaxed. He also wondered why PASOK is mostly seen as bearing the cost of governing the country, and the blame is not apportioned to New Demcracy, as well.

At the same time the president of PASOK noted that he will not gauge his move by percentage points at the polls, but by the fatigue and lack of political support that will be felt by deputies. In the event that this happens Mr Venizelos wondered if a government would exist, under such circumstances.

This last remark allows Mr Venizelos to claim he will not be the one to cause the government's demise, but insinuated that he will call PASOK deputies to take on the responsibility if they want to allow the government to fall and head for national elections, or continue to support the government with their votes.