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Christie's auctions ancient treasures from Greece

The upcoming June 5th Antiquities auction of Christie's in New York, features over 130 treasures from ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt and the Near East.

Dating from the 3rd millennium B.C. through the 11th century A.D., these objects range in media from marble and precious metals to pottery, wood and bronze, and illuminate the diverse splendors of the ancient Mediterranean world.

Notable highlights from a variety of Private Collections worldwide including a striking Egyptian Painted Mummy Portrait of a Woman (Roman Period, circa 2nd century A.D.), a Cycladic Marble Reclining Female Figure (Early Spedos Variety, circa 2600-2500 B.C.), a Roman Marble Head of Augustus (circa 1st century B.C.-1st century A.D.) as well as an impressive collection of Egyptian reliefs and sculptures from the Old Kingdom (2575-2134 B.C.) through the Ptolemaic Period (334-30 B.C.).

Other highlights include a Colossal Cypriot Limestone Male Head (Archaic Period, circa late 7th-early 6th century B.C.), a Roman Marble Janiform Herm Bust (circa 1st century B.C.-1st century A.D.), and a Roman Silver Skyphos (circa 1st-2nd century A.D.).