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Bloomberg Interviews Alexis Tsipras

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SYRIZA chief Alexis Tsipras recently offered an interview with Bloomberg news agency, and termed his political party as an "oasis in the desert".

He discussed his feelings that the French National Front and the British UK Independence Party are "monstrosities". The SYRIZA leader stated: "We are a pro-European force that wants to change Europe not to dismantle it".

Tspiras claimed his party would collaborate with Spain's PODEMOS, and contemplate working with the Socialists, only if they would address the budget-whacking recommendations administered by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

He declared according to ANA-MPA, "We would be open to cooperation on the condition that they will return to their political roots, and stop accepting austerity as the only option...Not if they remain under the spell of Angela Merkel's hegemony".

Discussing Greece's current New Democracy administration, Tsipras noted, "The current administration has no mandate to strike deals that will bind the country for years and decades to come without taking into account the result of last Sunday's EU elections and without consulting the biggest party in Greece".