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Samaras USA Itinerary

The Greek Prime Minister will attend services at the church of Agios Nikolaos in Flushing, in the presence of Archbishop Demetrios. After meting with the Archbishop there will be a reception hosting representatives of the omogeneia and members of the omogeneia media.

On Monday, at 10.30 am, the Greek PM will attend breakfast with the American Jewish Committee where he will deliver a speech.

At noon, the PM will sit at lunch with CEOs from a number of listed companies, while later on he will attend a roundtable with representatives of JP Morgan with firm CEO Jamie Dimon. Mr Samaras will meet investors interested in investing in Greece, later in the afternoon.
A meeting with IMF chief Christiane Lagarde follows in Washington, at 15,00 on Tuesday. Mr. Samaras will speak at the Peterson Institute at 17.30.
The PM will meet with Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday, followed by meetings with senators and congressmen, including Senate foreign relations committee chair Robert Menendez.
At 18.30, Mr. Samaras will attend the opening of an exhibition on Byzantine art at the National Gallery of Art.
On Thursday, the PM will meet with CEO Andrew Liveris at the offices of Dow Chemical, in NY, and later with the editiorial team of the Wall Street Journal.
Finally, at 18.00, on Thursday Mr. Samaras will meet with members of Hellenic Initiative including former President Bill Clinton and George Stefanopoulos.