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37th Book Fair Opens at Athens Odeum

A new urban experience started today at 19.00 pm in Athens, activating an architecturally, historically, and symbolically significant venue, the Athens Odeum, where the 37th Book Fair is taking place.

The 37th Book Fair, taking place from 4-15 June 2014, moved from the venue that had hosted it for many years, the Pedion Areos park, to the center of the city.

The inaugural events are taking place with the music of the Odeum's Trumpet School as a background, and with sixty exhibitors being hosted in the Odeum's colonnade.

The opening of the book fair was attended by Athens mayor Giorgos Kaminis just ten days after his reelection, while main adversary for the mayoralty SYRIZA's Gavriil Sakelaridis was also there showing he will remain close to city's pulse. The two men shook hands in their first public meeting after the elections.

The fair will have the following hours: Monday-Thursday 18.00-22.00 pm, Friday and Saturday 18.00 -20.30 pm, Sunday 11.00 am – 14.30 pm, and 18.00 -20.00 pm