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Bank Robbery Hints at Terrorism

The alarm has been raised at the counter-terrrorism bureau fo Greek police after the robbery of a Piraeus Bank branch in the town of Sykourio, Larissa, at 14.10, Thursday afternoon.


The robbery was perpetrated by five persons unknown, three of which entered the bank wearing disguises, while two waited outside.

One of the perpetrators was tall and lanky, while the other two were of medium stature. They waited five minutes for the time delay mechanism to open the vault, signifying that they were aware of the time settings of the mechanism, and left with a haul of 200,00 euros in a stolen car, which they burned two kilometers outside Sykourio.

The robbery shows signs of terrorist involvement as it reminds police of similar robberies of renegade terrorist Nikos Maziotis. Police are also looking into the possibility that the Nuclei of Fire terrorist groups and Christodoulos Xiros could be involved. Xiros knows the territory as at the beginning of the 1990s he and other 17 November terrorists stole rockets from a local army camp.