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Crocodile Located On Crete

A real safari is underway on the island of Crete after a 2 meter long crocodile was spotted near Rethymno.

The news first spread like wildfire on the internet and social media and for a little while everyone thought it was a crazy rumour or a bad case of spam but it is proving to be true. A Fire Department patrol spotted a 2 meter long crocodile at the Potami Dam area near Rethymno, on the island of Crete, raising the alarm for local authorities, which have mobilized in order to locate it and record its movements. The presence of the grand reptile near the lake of the Rethymno Dam is causing concern because despite an official ban people tend to swim there. The authorities are now asking everyone to stay clear of the area.

The crocodile probably ended up in the wild after its reckless owner decided to get rid of it when he realized how long it would end up. There is also talk of a video which shows a second crocodile, leading some to believe there is a chance they have already mated. Reptologist Petros Lymberakis, a specialist for the Museum of Natural History is expected in the area to assist in locating and dealing with the reptile.