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Protests Begin Outside Parliament

Hellenic doctors, prison employees and various state workers began striking today, against public sector layoffs, as reported by international media.

The strike is being held for 24-hours and is rallying against Greece's international bailout mandates that include the firings. The protest was scheduled today, as troika delegates arrive in Athens. Public sector union ADEDA offered the statement: "At a time when the government steps up its attack against workers, our response will be strong", according to ekathimerini.

As Greece starts to overcome its financial crisis, its people hold a strong anti-austerity stance. The nation has faced consistent spending decreases and an increase in taxations, that has resulted in higher homelessness, lower living standards and unemployment rates.

Last week brought the strike by PPC employees who rallied against the partial privatization of the energy company. It is also expected that its largest union GENOP-DEH, along with GSEE private sector union and PAME union will protest outside of Parliament today, at the same time that the PPC privatization draft bill is discussed inside.

Today GSEE claimed, "Electricity is a public good, not a commodity to be sold off cheap, and those who do so must be held accountable to society...The fight against the privatization of PPC is a long one and it will not end even after the bill in question is passed", as reported by ekathimerini.