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Center Left Movement Seeks Common Ground

PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos responded to the letter from Democratic Left (DIMAR) president Fotis Kouvelis positively but with subtle barbs concerning DIMAR's stance for dialogue with the center-left.

Mr. Venizelos responded positively to the invitation from Kouvelis noting however that "I am pleased, because despite the long delay, we agree on the need for an organized institutional dialogue of all center-left forces of the democratic progressive movement. As you know, this has been our position all along. Without exclusions, without hegemony, on a substantive political and programmatic basis. "
Mr. Venizelos' side raises two important conditions for starting the dialogue: An autonomous and central role of the center-left against the bipolarity between ND and SYRIZA and protection of the institution of the President of the Republic.
As he characteristically mentioned, “it is also extremely important to emphasize that the center-left can not define itself programmatically or strategically in reference to others. It must claim an autonomous and central role. It must be the broad path joining the progressive forces, above and beyond the artificial polarization of the so-called small bipolarity. "
Elsewhere in his letter, Venizelos notes that “constitutional institutions, such as the President of the Republic must be protected,” stressing that “in this context we are ready for a first dialogue meeting with all those who feel that the case of a democratic progressive party of the center-left is of concern to them.”