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Boutaris Backs "To Potami"

Thessaloniki mayor Yannis Boutaris is seen as approaching To Potami, according to statements he made to this effect. Besides his personal relations with To Potami leader Stavros Theodorakis, Mr Boutaris admitted that the party's ideas also express him.

The popular mayor speaking to Mega television said that he had the same “peeve” as Theodorakis: “We believe that through our interventions in public life we can help to reform some things.”

Mr Boutaris went on to speak about the impression that has been created that he belongs to To Potami, after its first showing at the polls during European parliament elections.

“At this point, the positions of Theodorakis expresses more than anyone else on the political spectrum,” said Boutaris explaining why: “What Theodorakis proposes is common logic. He's not with one party, or the other, or even a third. He constitutes an “impetus” to make those that deal professionally with politics pause, come to and see that the situation cannot go forward in this way. We have been totally discredited internationally by the infighting among us.”

Mr Boutaris believes that Theodorakis is calling on all political sides from, “New Democracy's far right to the extreme left of SYRIZA to follow common logic. To Potami is a movement that calls on people to do something, it hasn't become a party that enrolls members.”