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Ancient necropolis on Chios

An archeological sounding in a plot at the are known as Psomi, on Chios revealed part of an ancient necropolis of the 6th and 7th century bC.

The burials that were unearthed at the eastern part of the plot, and were found stacked on various levels, laid on beds of pebbles from the sea. The burials were in large pithoi (terracotta urns) which the mouths of which were sealed by stone slabs.

The pithoi are undecorated, or bear inscribed geometrical patterns. The dead were placed in the vessels in fetal positions. Undecorated terracotta sarcophagi, of the so-called Klazomenai style, were also found, as well as infant burials. Most burials however were without any containers in face up extended positions.

Arguably, the most important find was the burial of a horse, the first ever to come to light in the NE Aegean. The horse was laid in a resting position, and was stabilized by archaeologists and moved whole to the laboratory of the Chios Archeological Museum.

The findings show that this excavation is the earliest organized necriopolis, discovered so far, within the actual modern city of Chios, offering useful information on the topography of the ancient city.