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Internet access for the needy

In a meeting held by deputy development minister Odysseas Kostantinopoulos it was decided to offer free internet access to 150,000 families already under the umbrella of the social annuity program.

The aim is to exploit EU funds within the framework of “digital solidarity,” in order to facilitate internet access for disadvantaged social groups.

At the meeting it was decided to fund a pilot program with a budget of 80 million euros. The target is to aid 150,000 families already covered by social annuity program, through simple processes through a simple voucher, giving them the opportunity to maintain or gain internet access through October 2015, gain basic equipment to access the internet (notebook or Tablet), and gain basic skills in computer use in their own space through distance learning.

At the meeting it was also decided to reinforce digital entrepreneurship. Thus the budget for actions within the ICT4GROWTH entrepreneurial project was raised by 22 million euros to 140 million euros. The added amount aims at funding investment projects in the Attica periphery that had been excluded from the project, despite receiving high marks, because funding had run out.