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Fage Wins Court Case Against Chobani Yogurt

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Fage stated today that it had won its lengthy British lawsuit with Chobani, regarding the term "Greek yogurt".

In a statement Fage claimed: "The High Court has ended the 'Greek yogurt' case, its decision is final." Chobani yogurt which originates from the United Sates, has used the term in its marketing, and believes that it should be allowed as a product description, as reported by Kathimerini.

Fage stated that the High Court in the U.K. has declined to contemplate anymore disputes by Chobani, who is the top seller in the States. Fage originally sued Chobani back in 2012.

The Hellenic company further commented, "Chobani is forbidden from selling US-made strained yogurt as Greek in the United Kingdom." It has also been reported by Fage that Chobani has to pay its legal fees. Chobani was created by Turkish national Hamdi Ulukaya.