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To Potami cadres defy archaeolosts, scale Meteora

In a protest demonstration over the Central Archeological Council's (CAC) decision to forbid a face scaling meet on the Meteora rocks, two members of To Potami party climbed up the cliffs.


Two deputy candidates for To Potami, Stefanos Psimenos and Zaharoula Yavrouta-Louda climbed the sheer rock faces in protest against a ban by the CAC against climbing due to the “sanctity of the area.”

According to the two political candidates “Monasticism and climbing can co-exist.” As they said, the first monks that built their cells atop the crags “were also a bit of mountain climbers since they had to use ropes to ascend and descend from the cloisters.”

“During the last 50 years, regular climbers come to Meteora for all over the globe to enjoy a climb on a dense rock in a uniquely beautiful environment. These people are nature lovers, staying at least a week in local hotels, eating at local restaurants, and shopping at local stores. The sports they practice, like climbing, don't have mechanical means to cause pollution, or noise, and don't bother anyone, or leave traces on the environment.”

“All these years the monks and climbers coexist peacefully, and can continue to do so,” the To Potami members concluded.