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Child of a Smile Foundation Receives Massive Legacy

The Smile of a Child foundation has received a mammoth bequest from the deceased owner of Titania Hotel, Kostantinos Malamos. The deceased had learned of the financial difficulties the foundation was in and decided to include it in its will.

Seventy year old Kostantinos Malamos, a scion of the Pesmazoglou family died two months ago childless, despite his desire to sire a family. A brief marriage in the 1980s to Deppy Handri yielded no children.

The entrepreneur has left the foundation his majority portfolio in Titania Hotel, on Panepistimiou Street with the specific provision that the foundation oversee its operation and use the proceeds to cover the needs of the children.

The president of the foundation Kostas Yannopoulos confirmed the legacy and noted that the process was still unfolding, and is expected to be finalized in September.

The deceased also left his nieces from his sister's side a sizable portion of his estate including capital and real estate assets.