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Over 2,500 hotels and other tourist accommodations are being sold throughout Greece

A large number of hotels and other accommodation are still for sale in the country's destinations, despite the encouraging messages about the season and the optimism that exists in the country's tourism world. Sales rates may have slowed compared to previous years, but there are currently more than 2,500 hotels and other vacation rentals listed for sale on a major online home and business listing site.

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Greek Hotels on the list of new luxury resorts for 2022

Luxury Travel Intelligence has released "The World's Best New Luxury Hotels 2022" list listing a total of 15 hotels that opened their doors to the public for the first time in 2022, and seven of thesehotels are located in Europe, with Greece having two hotels in the list concerning the European area.

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Invasion of international hotel chains in Athens

The investments made in recent years in new hotels in Athens, as well as the entry into the capital of global hotel chains confirm the predictions that the city is gradually making a pronounced mark on the international tourist market.

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