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TAP's Greek Contractor Quest

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (ΤΑP) project is seeking Greek companies which could support in the construction of the project, Richard Skoufias, TAP’s manager in Greece said.

  • Published in Greece

Tap Water Please


Tap or bottled? How do you respond to your waiter when he asks you which would you prefer? There is no doubt that when given the option, most would choose bottled water over tap water. Most people believe that bottled water tastes better, is cleaner, and healthier. When did tap water get such a bad rap? Years ago, people would have scoffed at the idea of paying for water. Paying for water!!!! I am sure that sounded like an absolutely ludicrous idea!

DEPA Signs Deal for Azeri Gas

The Public Gas Corporation DEPA has signed an agreement with Azeri state owned SOKAR and the Shah Deniz Consortium to purchase gas that will be pumped from the Shah Deniz2 field. The agreement was signed in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku.

  • Published in Economy
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