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Couture Fashion Designer Christos Dovas Combines Luxury & Edginess

New Greek TV's featured Greek of the Week is couture fashion designer Christos Dovas.

A stylist to the stars, Dovas custom creates each of his intricate pieces that combine luxury with edginess, and incorporates both the classical and modern world.

Drawing on inspiration from the great philosophers of his native Greece, the high-end couturier implements the elements of composition, function and form in each of his elaborate items. Dovas coins this as, "bringing to life a world of imagination, beauty and luxury."

Dovas offered the following interview, where he discussed his fashion line and international career, the sources of his inspiration, ultimate fashion goals, and proudest professional moments.

Maria Athens: When did you realize you had the gift of design?

Christos Dovas: I was a kid when I started playing with left over leather skins and I tried to make designs of my own. However, I realized later with the challenge of everyday questions, on how to perfect it.

Maria Athens: Where did you grow up and where did you attend fashion school?

Christos Dovas: I was born and raised next to my father's work bench, who was a custom shoe designer in Patras. This is where I gained strong work ethics and vast design achievements. Through my teenage years along with my dad's business, I worked in clothing stores as a stylist and merchandiser.

Later on, I opened my first boutique. Even though I continued studies in psychology and sociology, design was the big winner. I attended a private fashion school in Athens, while at the same time worked as an assistant designer at an atelier in Kolonaki.

Maria Athens: What brought you to New York City?

Christos Dovas: My quest for more drove me to New York where I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology.  I majored in Evening Design, coupled with Theatrical Studies, and earned a B.F.A. I interned at the Metropolitan Opera's Costume Department.

Maria Athens: What exactly is the Christos Dovas line?

Christos Dovas: The line is a creation of definite style, where a one-of-a-kind design meets structure and appeal. That applies to every personal order I create that includes evening dresses, wedding gowns and fashion accessories.

Maria Athens: What textiles are incorporated in your pieces?

Christos Dovas: I love natural fibers such as silk chiffon, silk charmeuse, taffetas, crepe de chine and wools. I also love working with all types of leather skins.

Maria Athens: What is the inspiration behind your collections?

Christos Dovas: I am moved by fairy tales, love stories, art, and everyday people that I come in contact with.

Maria Athens: Can you tell us about styling the stars at the 2009 Oscars?

Christos Dovas: It was great to have my designs in Hollywood at the Oscars Lounge, where movie stars select what they will wear at the events. Many actors and actresses from the big and small screen visited me, including Sofia Milos, who wore my designs to Elton John's party.

Maria Athens: Are you recognized back home in Greece for your couture accomplishments?

Christos Dovas: My designs have been featured in Athenian magazines and newspapers. They have been sold in a major department store in Greece.

Maria Athens: What are your proudest professional moments to date?

Christos Dovas: After I established my business here in New York City, my first smile came when my creations were sold in Soho boutiques, followed by sales in Tokyo and in Europe.

Maria Athens: What is your ultimate fashion goal?

Christos Dovas: To reach more and more customers each and everyday; it is very important to leave them pleased so they come back.

Maria Athens: Do you make each and every piece by hand?

Christos Dovas: Yes.  Haute couture is nothing else but attention to detail and I love it. The concept comes first, the choice of colors and fabrics follow, and then draping brings forward the beauty of the person. It is all made by hand; stitch by stitch to your measurements.

Maria Athens: What message are you trying to purvey with your styles?

Christos Dovas: Exquisite and classic. Elegant timeless beauty, and above all to reveal the best of you.

Maria Athens: What major projects are you currently working on?

Christos Dovas: Today I am trying to take advantage of the benefits of social media. It is a great venue where I can reach people from all over the world.

You can find us at: www.ChristosDovas.com, www.facebook.com/ChristosDovasNewYork and https://twitter.com/ChristosDovas

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