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Covid: What will determine the further lifting of the measures

Featured Covid: What will determine the further lifting of the measures

Dr. George Pavlakis, Chief of the Human Retrovirus Section, Vaccine Branch, Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute, USA spoke to MEGA television, about the course of the pandemic and the vaccines.

Regarding the lifting of restrictions against the spread of coronavirus, Dr. Pavlakis stated:

"It will depend on many factors and especially on the outbreak of the epidemic at Halloween. People are waiting to spend, this is a big mistake, there must be a responsible attitude during carnival time. The most difficult problem is indoor gatherings. We have a virus that only stops by halting contacts. The virus does not stop and many are of the opinion that we should not do anything to stop it."

Dr. Pavlakis spoke about the measures in food service and entertainment.

"These are laughable measures, if there is one transmitter in the area, then it will contaminate many others. The triple vaccinated will save the serious disease, and the micron is airborne, and the vaccines we have done do not protect against a possible new mutation. We are constantly making progress but let's see the reality.

We have more cases and more deaths. If not everyone is vaccinated, it will be a vicious circle. The possibility of a new wave of the pandemic has not been ruled out, a new strain may come that will bypass the vaccines and we may be faced with something new," he commented.

On whether we will have a "free" Easter, Dr. Pavlakis noted that it will depend on the levels of hard indicators.