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Arrhythmias Update 2022 in Thessaloniki on 2 & 3 September - Watch it live

Featured Arrhythmias Update 2022 in Thessaloniki on 2 & 3 September - Watch it live

After the highly successful course of the previous events of the 3rd University Cardiology Clinic of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the Conference entitled "Arrhythmias Update 2022" is being organized again this year at the Mediterranean Palace hotel, on Friday 2 and Saturday 3 September 2022, in a hybrid way, according to the instructions of the state.

The pandemic has changed the way the disease is treated. The use of now personalized techniques based on genetics, but also IT has entered our everyday life. Artificial intelligence and large databases have enabled the creation of "intelligent" algorithms that can predict the prevalence of diseases in the general population, help diagnose diseases and recommend the most appropriate treatment. This technology exists and is evolving in our country as well, and scientists who actively participate in its development will inform us about precision medicine.
Of great interest is the joint meeting with the International Scientific Society for Holter and Non Invasive Electrocardiography (ISHNE) where topics will be developed by leading scientists of the international community.

In this conference, two new clinical tutorials are planned: one concerns the use of the latest techniques of Echocardiography in arrhythmic patients and the programming of their biventricular devices. The other concerns familiarization and practice in newer arrhythmia ablation techniques.

The participation in the Congress of the best in their field from the Greek and International area is a guarantee, so that this event does not turn into a sterile presentation of data.

Watch the interview of Mr. Vasilios Vassilikos, Professor of Cardiology, Director of the 3rd Cardiology Clinic of AUTH and President of the Arrhythmias Update 2022 Scientific Committee https://www.livemedia.gr/video/464390
The conference will be broadcast live https://www.livemedia.gr/au22