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Thessaloniki Cuisine to be presented in Canada

Translation By Lisa Darilis

A special five course dinner will bring Thessaloniki to a table in....Toronto, Canada!

A dinner event launched by Peter Minakis, famous Greek-Canadian chef and creator of the website www.kalofagas.com, will be honoring Thessalonikan cuisine at a special dinner event on October 9, 2013. The menu for this event is Thessalonikan inspired, and its goal is to send its guests on a journey to Kapani, through the use of the scent and taste of the cuisine served in its taverns and streets of the "Bride of the Thermaikou" municipality of Thessaloniki.

The menu will consist of Thessalonikan traditional foods, such as Bombidia, Bouyiourdi, Braised Pork "Krassato" with prunes and Chalkidiki olives, Trahana with Wild Mushrooms and Shaved Kefalograviera, and Trigona Panorama with Toasted Almonds (phyllo triangles with cream).

This tasty feast will be accompanied by a beautiful photographic exhibit of old, as well as contemporary, Thessaloniki, which was diligently polished by the Department of Tourism of The Municipality of Thessaloniki.

Spiros Pegas, an offical consultant for the Department of Tourism and International Relations of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, commented "This is the first diligent attempt to bring the Thessaloniki Food Festival outside the borders of Greece. Other festivals are to follow in other European cities, with the goal of dynamically placing Thessaloniki on the worldwide map of famous cuisines."

This event, which will promote the tastes of Thessaloniki outside of its borders, will be presented under the auspices of the Thessaloniki Food Festival.