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Greek Cypriot discovers anti-ageing test

Greek- Cypriot Professor Chris Toumazou developed the microchip which tests anti-oxidant levels and how fast a person degrades collagen.

Scientists have used our own DNA to create what could be the most advanced anti-ageing serum ever.

The revolutionary treatment involves a microchip which creates a genetic profile for each individual after a 30-minute test.

The information allows doctors to create a bespoke anti-ageing cream suited to each person's skin needs. 

Clinical trials suggest the product by Geneu (pronounced 'Gene You') reduces fine lines and wrinkles by up to a third in just 12 weeks.   

It examines two elements of an individual's genetic code - including their levels of anti-oxidants and how fast they degrade collagen.

At Geneu's New Bond Street clinic in London, doctors take a cheek swab from customers before isolating the strands of DNA and injecting them into the microchip.

In half an hour, the profile is ready and a custom anti-ageing cream is created to deliver the right amount of collagen, the structural protein that keeps skin plump, and anti-oxidants to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

The range called You+ was created over ten years by Greek-Cypriot Professor Chris Toumazou, Regius Professor at Imperial College London, who won European Inventor of the Year 2014 for his development.

He also invented the cochlear ear implant, the artificial pancreas for Type 1 diabetics and the wireless heart monitor.

Source: Daily Mail