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AHEPA Facilitates Medical Supply Shipment to Greece

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AHEPA facilitated the recent delivery of a large shipping container with medical supplies to Greece, to greatly assist its medicinal sector.

Medical tools worth $821,257 was received in Chania, Crete, which was coordinated by both AHEPA and the International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC). AHEPA alone donated $18,000 to safeguard the shipping container.

This marks the eighth delivery of medical tools that AHEPA assisted with to Greece, in collaboration with IOCC. The supplies vary widely and contain tools required to operate a hospital. The AHEPA network has generated over $550,000 in humanitarian aid for Greece, to date.

AHEPA Supreme President Phillip T. Frangos stated of the efforts, "Austerity measures have had a devastating impact on public health spending...The ability of hospitals to purchase medical supplies and equipment has been hampered. The need continues to be very real, and AHEPA, working in cooperation with the IOCC, is proud to be able to facilitate the shipment of a significant amount of aid to help address the medical supply shortage in Greece."

Frangos added, "We thank the community for helping to make this important shipment of medical supplies a reality through its contributions and donations. The spirit of philanthropy is alive and well and it must continue to flourish if we are to meet the dire needs the people of Greece are enduring during this most difficult time. We are proud of the community's action, and we encourage individuals and organizations to continue to donate to worthy causes that help Greece."