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Running on the Wall with Alex Anastasiadis

Alex Anastasiadis is dedicated to the ancient Greek philosophy that the mind body and soul are one. As a Greek from Thessaloniki, living in the United States, Alex continues promoting health and fitness through running after graduating with a Physical Education Degree from one of the nation's best Physical Education programs, Queens College.

By Yanna Darilis

Alex's love of running shines through runningonthewall.com, his successful running company that offers runners the A-Z basics for running a marathon. As the founder and creator of www.runningonthe wall.com and as a runner dedicated to marathon running, Alex and his wife Meli are now preparing to host a series of marathons in his homeland Greece. His first location of choice for his next organized marathon race is the island of Nisiros, in Greece, where Alex and his wife spend their summers annually at their summer home.

Alex is also determined to share the marathon experience even with runners who cannot make it to the race by offering the first virtual marathon races! Alex was inspired to create the virtual marathon in 2015 when he discovered that traditional local races were getting either too crowded or too expensive to sign up for, and he understood that many runners where missing out on this great opportunity of racing. Alex was determined to keep the running motivation and spirit high, and thus virtual reality races was conceptualized and quickly developed.

Virtual races are races that can be run anywhere at anytime, fitting the needs of weekend workers, trail runners, mommies running with children in a stroller, people on vacation, and low income runners. By signing up for his virtual runs, the participants plunge into the entire distance of 5K, 10K, or even half and full marathons.

The Virtual races quickly became a success due to the fact that not only was it providing a convenient, affordable alternative to a race, but also engages the running community on social media in a way that has never been done in the past.

Alex Anastasiadis is the founder of Running On The Wall, he is a marathon finisher and ultra marathon finisher of over 50 marathons. Alex Anastasiadis is also a RRCA certified running coach and RRCA certified race director. More about Alex on: www.runningonthewall.com Alex and his wife use spiritual and positive messaging on their products to help inspire runners.