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The Leonidas Foundation, Mentoring Tomorrow’s Leaders

The tragic car accident and loss of the promising 19-year old Greek-American standout football player of Rhode Island University, Leonidas Vagias and his friend, Samuel Cali on June 20th 2016, in New Jersey, prompted the establishment of The Leonidas Foundation by friends & family.

In the wake of the accident, friends and family of Leo Vagias wanted to honor Leo's memory by doing good and giving to the community as Leo did, by touching the lives of many, putting others before himself with his love, warmth, and constant giving, Leo was the pure example of goodness.

The Leonidas Foundation is a charity organized to promote public service and provide humanitarian relief, while maintaining a strong love of God, country and brotherhood.
The Foundation's endeavors offer relief to the poor and distressed while fostering mentorship and public service to the new generation of young leaders with honor, prowess, and integrity.

The Leonidas foundation holds an annual kickoff event, of which proceeds go to the various initiatives to support the new young leaders in their path to adulthood and professional endeavors.

This year's Kickoff event held at the Waterside Restaurant in North Bergan, NJ, drew over 1000 people who overlooked the New York Skyline across the Hudson river. Fine young men and women of the Foundation, and students of the mentorship program, mingled with the crowd of successful professionals, friends and family and portrayed their well taught social skills, while their mentors supported and admired them from a short distance.

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The philosophy of the Leonidas foundation stands on the ancient Greek principles of the mind, body and soul, promoting that the mind being properly educated and informed is necessary to build the right mindset, the body being involved in physical activity such as sports, clubs, community service, and anything that makes one feel good, and the spirit should evoke God's grace through missionary work that we are all called to do. The logo depicts the Ancient Greek Spartan Shield and Football Goal post, all representative of Leos spirit and great sportsmanship.

Although the loss of Leonidas Vagia's life is tragic, his memory will live on as an example to humanity through the Foundation's efforts to support young boys and girls on a path to greatness.

To get involved or support the Leonidas Foundation log on to: