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Maria Zoitas: "Made With Love" is more than just a cookbook

Maria Zoitas published the book "Mediterranean Cuisine - Made With Love - From the Greek Island of Lefkada to Manhattan's Westside Market - Maria Zoitas".

The book was released on October 16, 2018 and is available from www.amazon.com (https://www.amazon.com/Made-Love-Maria-Zoitas/dp/0692967826), as well as at Westside Market NYC "in Manhattan.

The author and book publisher on Thursday 8 November 2018 donated books to the first customers of the new store at 1407 Lexington Avenue (at the 92nd Street junction) in East Manhattan.

The store is the sixth homonymous supermarket of the Zoitas family in Manhattan and the seventh overall, as they have another store in New Jersey.

The book "Made With Love" differs from many other cookbooks based on Mediterranean gastronomy that have been issued by Greeks and Americans because it is more than just a simple list of recipes.

This is because it contains the history of the writer and her husband Giannis Zoitas from Lefkada in New York, as well as the history of Lefkada itself and without any doubt is a precious stone in the Hellenic American Secretariat.

By flipping through it and studying it carefully, the reader will pleasently find that the book was written with the same love that Maria Zoitas has been promoting Greek gastronomy in Manhattan, for three decades.

By carefully studying the chapters and looking at the rich photographic material, the reader will understand better why even the New York Times has called Mary her ambassador for Greek cooking, Greek tradition and culture. At the same time the reader will better understand her contribution to the Greek community and, above all, her generosity.

The author devoted her book to her eminent mother, Efrosini Katopodi and her grandmother Efthimia Katopodi who, as she mentions, taught her the secrets of Greek cuisine and how to enjoy and love cooking as an art and as a source of joy and satisfaction through delicious food and sweets.

She also dedicates it to her beloved spouse, Yannis, who, with her creation and dedication to the Westside Market, gave her the opportunity to cook for thousands of New Yorkers and tourists who flood New York every year and give them a start to getting acquainted with Greek gastronomy and culture.

source: anamniseis.net