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N. Hardalias from Toronto: "The Omogeneia is the most worthy ambassador of Greece in every corner of the earth"

Featured N. Hardalias from Toronto: "The Omogeneia is the most worthy ambassador of Greece in every corner of the earth"

The regional governor of Attica, Nikos Hardalias, had a meeting with representatives of the Greek community, and with important tour operators active in Toronto, on the sidelines of the international technology and innovation exhibition "Collision Tech Conference 2024".

"The Omogeneia is the most worthy ambassador of Greece in every corner of the earth. I am particularly moved to be near you today, here where the heart of Hellenism beats", said Mr. Hardalias to the president of the Hellenic Community of Toronto Betty Skoutakis.

The regional governor referred extensively to the metropolitan area planning to make Attica a model Region, while he made special mention of the holistic effort to highlight the cultural and tourism product of Attica as its most basic strategic advantage. "In this effort, the Greek men and women of the Diaspora - who keep alive the ties with the Motherland, our language and our traditions, the Greek men and women of the Diaspora who were, are and will be by our side, they are our most valuable ally," said Mr. Hardalias and added: "The prestige and dynamism of Omogenia is the foundation to build the bridges that will unite Attica with the world. Thousands of kilometers separate us, but we are united by our love for our Greece. We feel close to you, we are close to you, to support the community in every possible way."

"Canada has existed as a state for 157 years and the Greek community has a history of 115 years. Our community is of great value, it is one of the first to be established here," said Ms. Skoutakis, who informed the governor about Ontario's active Greek community where more than 150,000 Greeks live and work. As he said, with the voluntary work of its members, the community keeps alive the bond with the homeland, with the operation of schools for learning the Greek language, as well as with the creation of a theater group, while its four Orthodox churches form a living nucleus city.

The meeting was also attended by the vice-president of the Hellenic Community George Manikis, the general director Georgia Papaspyrou and the president of the Churches of the Hellenic Community, Nikiforos Lampiris.

During his visit to the offices of the Greek community, the regional governor met with Mr. Yiannis Kakogiannis, managing director of Greek Escape, one of the largest travel companies in Toronto, with whom he discussed ways of approaching the Canadian tourist public. Mr. Hardalias referred extensively to the Region's tourism policy, describing "a strategic plan", as he said characteristically, "which is not piecemeal, but continuous and with substance, which invests where we will have the expected result". The regional governor also referred to the interest in approaching markets, in which there is a strong Greek element, with the implementation of targeted advertising campaigns, as well as the mobilization of expatriate communities, in order to make the popular brand of Attica even better known as a travel destination and for the 12 months of the year.

The Region of Attica participates with its own booth at the Collision Tech Conference, together with the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Hellenic Investment and Foreign Trade Company Enterprise Greece. At the Attica stand, start-ups that have been supported by the NSRF of the Region participate, with the aim of exchanging know-how and connecting them with the international market.

The regional governor is accompanied by the special secretary of the Region, Elena Rapti, the director of the Regional Governor's Office, Giorgos Chalkias, and the advisor for European and International Affairs, Valia Kakarouka.

The mission of the Region of Attica also includes the vice regional governors of Entrepreneurship and European Planning Alexandra Pallis, Finance Marianna Toumazatou and Education Errika Prezerakou, the regional councilors Anna Antoniou and Giorgos Tsoukalas, as well as service executives.