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Poker: Greek Crocodile Scoops $1M Poker Pot

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The biggest player of poker in Australia and Asia is.......a Greek!  The title goes to Vasili Argyro, the Greek Crocodile, known as Billy "The Croc" Argyros,who got his fortune from his great performances of the well known lucky game of poker.

Gambling is a known Greek characteristic. Perhaps thatʼs the reason why the luckiestgames flourished in Greece (although they were disproportionate to the population).

It seems that the gambling "bug" is preserved in the Greeks abroad and luckily withgood fortune!In the case of Vasili "Billy" Argyro from Australia, weʼre not just talking about simplegambling, but about a strategy that drives him to good luck and winning.

Argyros, whois known as Billy "The Croc" is one of the strongest players in Australia, having won the 2013 Asia Pacific Poker Tour in Melbourne by defeating 309 other players. He won130,000 dollars in the tournament. It is estimated that Argyros has profited over 1 million dollars in poker playing.

Surprisingly, he is not concerned on whether he wins orloses...itʼs his love of the game that matters.