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Six Greek-Americans in Forbes 400 billionaires' list

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The Forbes 400 List of The Richest People in America included six Greek-Americans, all who are self-made billionaires with fortunes ranging from 1.3 to 4 billion dollars.


 John Paul Dejoria was one of the billionaires specifically mentioned. Dejoria, the  second son of an Italian immigrant father and Greek immigrant mother, who came to the  U.S. for a better life, was listed in the 110th place on the Forbes 400 List. According to Forbes, Dejoria is the wealthiest American of Greek ancestry, having amassed a fortune of 4 billion dollars. Success and fortune didnʼt come easily for Dejoria. To get to this point, he passed through many difficult times and struggles throughout his life. He was even a member of a gang. He left his past behind him and entered the United States Navy. He later pursued a career in the hair care industry, but got fired from his first job. He then stepped up and established his own successful company, John Paul Mitchell Systems.

 It was a matter of time when Jim Davis would become the president of the athletic wear mega company, New Balance. Davis, the son of Greek immigrants, bought a company with only six employees and built it up to a global colossal corporation, which now employees up to 4000 people. Davis is in the 161st position on the Forbes 400 List and is the second most wealthy Greek American.


 John Catsimatidis is a well known entrepreneur, who found himself at the epicenter of the recent primary elections for New York Cityʼs Republican mayoral candidacy. Catsimatidis shares the 161st position on the Forbes 400 List, alongside John Davis, having a fortune of 3.1 billion dollars. Catsimatidis is the owner of Gristedes Supermarket chain, and also engages in other investments.


 George Argyros has a fortune of 2.1 billion dollars and holds the 260th position on the Forbes 400 List. Argyros is the former U.S. ambassador in Spain under the administration of George Bush, the junior. Argyros is a driven successful real estate investor.


 Michael Jaharis is found on the 273rd position on the Forbes 400 List, with a fortune of  2 billion dollars. Jaharis has a professional doctorate in law and owns pharmaceutical  companies. 


 Dean Metropolοs is an entrepreneur from Connecticut who owns Metropolis & Co., a  stock brokerage firm. He can be found on the 386th position of the Forbes list. Bill Gates remains the richest man in the United States, according to Forbes, with a total fortune of 72 billion dollars.