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Erika Wilhelmine Knickmann Spyropoulos Appointed Illinois Arts Council Commissioner

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Erika Wilhelmine Knickmann Spyropoulos has been selected as the new Commissioner of the Illinois Arts Council.

The artisan has been appointed by Illinois Governor Patrick Quinn. When Spyropoulos was recognized by the Federation of Hellenic Educators and the Hellenic American Women's Council last year, Governor Quinn commented, "Erika is a renowned Chicago artist and philanthropist whose commitment to serving others is admirable...The Greek community in Chicago has long been an essential part of the city's vibrant cultural landscape, and Greek Americans have made significant social, cultural and economic contributions to the growth of Illinois over the years".

The Bicentennial Art Award winner hails from Germany and is married to Greek engineer Theodore Spyropoulos. Her artwork is exhibited in the United States, Greece, Australia and across Europe. The Council's aim is to foster a creative, strong and connected Illinois via the arts.

Of her new posting, Spyropoulos stated, "My appointment at the Illinois Art Council is a great honor and I will do my best for this magnificent opportunity to highlight the importance of art in our lives...Art imitates and inspires life. It gives people the chance to explore their imaginative side, enhances cultural appreciation and awareness, connects us all and makes our lives more beautiful. I believe that there is a hidden artist inside all of us. One of my priorities will be to promote the Hellenic American Art and Culture".