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Saudi Arabian Greek Embassy Launches "Food of the Sun" Festival

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Saudi Arabia's Greek Embassy launched the "Food of the Sun" food festival over this weekend, that will last the entire week.

The festival showcases Hellenic cuisine and is being held at the Riyadh Marriott Hotel. Greek Ambassador Ioannis Christofilis, the Hotel's General Manager Muin Serhan, and various diplomats and ambassadors were present at the event's opening.

Ambassador Christofilis described Saudia Arabian relations as, "...more than perfect" and the food festival is a tribute to the two nations' solid relationship. He explained how ancient Greeks used meal time as a period to debate philosophy, find spiritual connections with their peers, and enjoy nutritious food that is good for both mental and physical aspects.

The Ambassador described, "These gastronomy-related gatherings usually ended with an exchange of recipes...Poet, philosopher and gastronome, Archestratus was born in Syracuse, in the fourth century BC, and introduced the philosophy of culinary art, which left its mark down to the 21st century". The Saudi Arabian Greek "Food of the Sun" festival is being promoted as a gastronomic bonding event by both cultures.