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Dr. Hadjimichael Receives New England Outstanding Teacher Award

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Farfield University Professor Evangelos Hadjimichael, Ph.D. will receive the American Society for Engineering Education's 2014 Outstanding Teacher Award for New England.

The Greek-Cypriot-American scholar is the founding dean of his University's School of Engineering and teaches Physics and Engineering.  ASEE President Kenneth Galloway coined in a letter of the award recipient, "The thorough review process enhances the high regard in which the award is held. Your many friends and colleagues in ASEE look forward to the pleasure of honoring you through the presentation of this award at the 2014 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition".

Dr. Hadjimichael will receive his honor in June, at the ASEE national awards in Indianapolis. Colleague Bruce Berdanier, Ph.D commented, "Dr. Hadjimichael's contributions to Fairfield University and his longtime dedication to its students and campus community are remarkable. Among his many achievements has been fostering young peoples' passion to study engineering, while inspiring them to pursue careers in vital STEM-related industries".

Dr. Evangelos Hadjimichael has held a remarkable academic career. He was a key figure in the merging of Farfield University with the Bridgeport Engineering Institute, that led to the creation of the School of Engineering. His was the acting dean of the School for 15 years.

In recent years, the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering voted Dr. Hadjimichael into its highly selective agency.  The Connecticut State Legislature delegated him to the Connecticut Planning Commission for Higher Education.