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Struggling Greek Woman Wins $50 Million Jackpot!

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On Friday evening, Sophie Rizavas prayed for financial help, as she worked four cleaning jobs, while her husband drove airport limos to make ends meet, as they reached their retirement years.

As reported by The Star, the 63-year-old maid stated, "I said, please Jesus, send me some money...I don't need too much". The following day she won $50 million dollars in the Canadian lottery!

Commenting to reporters at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation's prize square, she laughted and declared, "It was a miracle". The Greek grandmother is still trying to comprehend her winning,"I don't know how I'm feeling. I'm so happy. I don't even realize yet".

On her way home from work Saturday night, she stopped at a local convenience store to check her winning Lotto Max ticket. The scanning machine froze, as it does when a ticket worth more than $5,000 gets read. Rizavas was then informed that she won the Lotto Max's jackpot-$50 million dollars, with an extra $5 dollars for the Encore bonus included on her ticket.

The store's counterman was excited as well. The Greek millionaire described, "He comes out from the counter and hugs me, and I said 'Oh my God, $50 million!' It's unbelievable...The retailer started crying as well".

The Athenian native moved to Canada with her husband in 1970; the exact day 44 earlier, that she won the lottery! On Mother's Day, she announced her massive winnings to her children. "We don't know what is happening to us", she commented.

Sophie Rizavas is still trying to fully realize the impact of her luck. Besides planning a family vacation and quitting her four jobs, she doesn't yet know how she will administer her millions. "I'm very good where I am. I love my car. I love my house", the lucky Greek winner claimed.