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NGTV Interviews Creator Derek Partridge

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New Greek TV interviewed filmmaker, author, artist and potter Derek Velez Partridge.

The self-educated half-Cypriot half-Puerto Rican talented creator, grew up in Queens, NY. At the age of sixteen, he moved to Santa Fe to become a potter, before embarking on his career in writing and film. More information can be accessed at Partridge's websites: www.vistaclaraproductions.com and: www.amiracleonscreen.com.

New Greek TV had the opportunity to chat with Partridge on his ethnicity, travels, and current activities.

NGTV: What have you recently worked on?

DP: I just finished a film called "A Miracle in Spanish Harlem" that was released nationally on December 7th. The movie just came out recently on amazon.com and iTunes on June 1st.

NGTV: What have been your biggest successes? What are you working on now?

DP: I'm just getting my big successes now. Gaining theatrical releases is very difficult and has taken me twenty years. Now I am working on "The Book of Kringle" (bookofkringle.com). It is a children's book that comes to life on the internet. The goal is to create an old but new brand, that feels very familiar. The theme of the book is that we are all born with a particular talent that we just have to find.

NGTV: What is your ethnic background?

DP: My father is from Katrotrese above Larnaca in the mountains, from a town of about 300. My mother is from Puerto Rico. Both arrived in America as immigrants around 3 or 4 years old.

NGTV: Do you travel to Cyprus or Puerto Rico often?

DP: Not often. My work takes up most of my time.

NGTV: Does your ethnicity play a large part in your existence?

DP: Yes. I am a product of my environment and emotion plays a large part of all that I do. That comes from my two passionate ethnic groups. It makes me stubborn. My last film I consider a Greek tragedy with a Latino cast. The Latinos have a more broader audience, where the Greeks have a gift of traditional story telling. It's called "A Miracle in Spanish Harlem".

NGTV: How do you spend your free time when not working?

DP: I spend a lot of time with my family. I have three daughters and defend myself on a regular basis.

NGTV: What is next for you?

DP: I am writing another screenplay that I will distribute after "The Book of Kringle". It's the story of a homeless man and his dog and their search to find a home.