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Greek scupture graces Montreal

An imposing sculpture symbolizing the Olympic Games globally is now a chief attraction at Gaia Park of the Town of Mount Royal, at the edge of Greek dominated Parc Extension, in Montreal. The work by sculptor Praxiteles Tzanoulinos, created in Greece, represents a globe adorned with the Olympic circles and laurel wreaths. The steel globe, with a diameter of 1.4 meters and weighs 320 kilos.

The monument was unveiled by mayor Philippe Roy, who noted that the work was a gift from the Greek community to the municipality, in honor of the Olympic torch having passed twice there. The mayor stated that the park was chosen as the location because of its Greek name, but also because it represents the earth, as the Greek sculptor depicts it.

Speaking at the unveiling ceremony, Greek consul in Montreal Thanos Kafopoulos noted that he feels proud that a Greek artwork graces one of Montreal's prettiest spots and thanked the municipality for the acceptance of the sculpture, as well as the four families that offered the money for its creation: Paul and Melpa Kamateros, Nikolaos Tsatas, Nikolaos Arkolakis, and Jimmy Christopoulos.

Melpa Kamateros, former local municipal counselor, noted that with the sculpture, the Greeks of Montreal are leaving their mark on the city, from where the Olympic flame passed, denoting the continuity of their history.