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Greek Cypriot Artist receives Scholarship At University of Melbourne

Translation By Lisa Darilis

A Greek Cypriot artist, Christos Linou, received a two year scholarship from the University of Melbourne in Australia, in order to pursue his artistic work...the peeling of 1,200 oranges!

The orange peels will be placed on top of his body as he tells stories of his immigration experience and honors his parents.

To Linou, the oranges are associated with his most dynamic childhood memories. The scent, the way theyʼre peeled off their mother, intended later to be used to make the sweet fruit preserve proudly known as "glyko koutaliou" are all deeply rooted within him.

In the English edition of the Greek Australian newspaper "Neos Kosmos," Linou states "I want to give the message that our color isnʼt significant, our texture, or our epidermal image. Just as every orange hides within its own skin or flesh the same juice all the other oranges have, thatʼs how we humans, despite our appearance and cultural pedigree, love, feel pain, cry, and hope. When it comes down to it, we are all the same."

The "Naked Peel" will be exhibited at D11@Docklands Gallery Shop 3 in the Dockland neighborhood of Melbourne in Australia on Saturday, October 5th.