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Turkey Wants Trade-offs for Halki Seminary

Turkish PM Recep Tayip Erfogan is now asking for trade-offs in order to re-open the Halki seminary.

After ministers Ahmet Davutoglu and Egemen Bagis, it was Mr. Erdogan's turn to mention the issue of the election of muftis for the Muslim minority in western Thrace,

As mentioned by Turkish daily Zaman, Mr. Erdogan repeated that there was legal impediment in re-opening the seminary, adding though that Ankara is awaiting for a goodwill gesture from Greece, mentioning as an example the election of a mufti in western Thrace, by the "Turkish community," as he called it.

The Turkish premier noted that the mufti should be elected by the Muslim community as foreseen in the Lausanne Treaty, the way the Patriarch is elected by the Orthodox minority in Turkey.